Overcoming the blogger hurdles

For every blogger out there that uses photographs of themselves I salute you. I get we can come across incredibly self aware through our photographs, but it really can be difficult to have yourself as a subject. I for one have gone through the motions of staring at the floor, looking over in the distance, playing with my hair, fake smiling etc etc. It wasn’t really until recently that a bunch of lovely Hull Bloggers told me I’d GOT GAME that I’d began to realise my journey. I do not say this in a vain way, but I’m rather chuffed with how my images have improved.

I’d vouched to myself that one of my 2018 blogger resolutions would be to take better images. I did of course mean both through posing and quality of image. The first step was buying a new snazzy lens so I could look like I really knew what I was doing and blur the background. Yes, I use the proper terminology. Fake it till you make it y’all.



Jumper: Matalan
Culottes: New Look (old) similar here
Bag: Gucci
Sneaks: Adidas gazelles 



I suppose the major thing for me was overcoming the embarrassment. There’s nothing to feel shameful of. I used to ask Joe to photograph me in quiet locations where I wouldn’t be seen, but now you’ll find me on a busy street with no care. I work hard on my blog and am proud of the work I put into it. This includes my photography and self image. I want to do my best to photograph the clothes, the actions etc. Show how they move in the real world. It wouldn’t be a very interesting blog if you caught me sat on my sofa in them all the time.



I’d like to thank Amy for the gorgeous snaps of this outfit and giving me the confidence boost that my images are rapidly improving. She’s a fabulous blogger if you’re on the lookout for another insightful author.

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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  1. Seriously you definitely have game! Hoping you can bring out my inner game…haha
    Amy xx


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