Simply Snow*

Here’s one final Winter-y looking post as I hit the outside world during snow. YES SNOW. Snow started pouring the end of January and being the bright button I am, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to photograph a strapless jumpsuit. Although probably more suited to the warmer months, I was surprisingly warm in this attire. So without further a do I present Simply Snow!


Jumpsuit: Joanna Hope @ Simply Be*
Jacket: Simply Be*
Heels: Simply Be*
Bag: Simply Be*



I’m a huge fan of black. Honestly I adore it. Super classy and timeless. These jumpsuit embodies both these points and adds a little bow for just that added extra. In order to make me look a little less funeral-y I added a touch of blue and of course, some sequins. Think 70’s disco meets Audrey Hepburn’s classy, simple style.

The only little blip about this jumpsuit is its sizing. It’s generously oversized in the bust area. So if you’re ample-bosomed then woohoo! It would be great for you. However, us smaller gals may need to size down a tad or get a wonderbra. It does however have that wonderful gripping plastic lining the top of the jumpsuit so it shouldn’t slip down- it didn’t on me (and I was even doing star jumps to keep warm).

Now things got a bit nippy (ooh la la) for the next few snaps and I wanted to get a good shot of the jumpsuit!



Don’t you think the bow detail is really beautiful? I’m looking forward to wearing this in the warmer months too. It’s a timeless piece that I will now be bringing out year after year.


Do you have a timeless item in your wardrobe?

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*Denotes gifted item, all opinions/words are my own.


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