Baby Sensory Play

I read so many books in preparation for motherhood but nothing prepared me for the emotions that follow giving birth. I’m not talking about ‘baby blues’ or the super high you go on afterwards (which is wonderful), but loneliness. I have felt lonely. Or I had up until a few weeks ago when I decided only I could sort myself out. I attend a crochet group on a Wednesday afternoon which I love. I get to natter with lots of different people. I knew that in order to boot myself out of the ‘lonely feeling sorry for myself’ state it was time to plan something every day. I booked to attend Baby Sensory Play.

The play area for break times

I’d been wanting to hit up a baby class but I had no clue where to begin. I was out walking the dog and spotted lots of mummies and babies heading into the church at the top of my street. Little did I know there was a class I could attend right on my door step. I dropped the dog back and home and headed up to the church on a whim. Fortunately for me, the instructor was super lovely. She invited me to attend and explained what activities they do. I was already sold on the idea of a little company. Man is it nice to be surrounded by other ladies who totally understand what’s going on with you.


What can I say about the class? It was so good that I went home beaming. Not only that, but Jasper absolutely loved it. I went home and booked for the next class and their ‘valentines day special’. Later I learnt that they have 6 week classes, that run with term time and you won’t repeat the same class (even on a different term). I loved it so much I told my friend Connie who decided to attend the following week for ‘Colours’ with Jasper and I.

‘Colours’ was blinking marvellous. Jasper spent most of the class smiling and Albie (Connie’s baby) seemed to enjoy it to. The instructor explains each activity before undertaking it yourself and encourages you to interact with your little one. It’s a mixture of singing, baby massage, sensory play, tummy time and FUN. I think the best way to capture this class was through photography. I don’t feel my words do it justice.





Jasper hadn’t held his head up this long before! I think the interactive laminated bags of glue, googly eyes, paint and water etc etc really helped. Not only is this class great during but it gives us mums tonnes of tips of ways to recreate at home!



The lights and balloons were definitely Albie’s favourite part of the class!


After rattles it was time for ribbons. Which I think all of us enjoyed. Add into the mix the funky music that is STEPS and all of us mums (and dads) were in our element.



Classes are £6 each, and run term time. The class I attended was from birth – 13 months but there’s also a class for 6-13 months. I’d highly recommend seeing if there is one in your local area and using the easy online booking system if you want to give it a go.

If you’re looking for a class to entertain both your little one and yourself then this is definitely a class I’d recommend. I’m already looking to book onto the next term.

Violet x

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