Monochrome and GG

Hello again and welcome to February- the year is already flying by and we’ve hit the second month!

Usually I’m not one for over indulging on an expensive item. I have an inner struggle with myself of what I could buy for the same money and then guilt steps in. But after a full year of paying off little bits and bobs I finally allowed myself a little gift. I’d been eyeing up the Gucci statement belts and my eyes lit up every single time I saw a blogger wearing one. It was time to buy one for myself.


Jumper: H&M similar here
Jeans: Yours Clothing
Belt: Gucci (purchased from Selfridges)
Chelsea Boots: Yours Clothing
Bag: Gucci

Firstly, I have to say authenticity is everything with an item like this. If you’re spending a lot you may as well make sure it’s the real deal. I purchased my first belt from Flannels but was utterly disappointed with the quality of packaging and lack of certification. Knowing the quality and care put into the packaging of expensive items is part of their appeal and I felt cheated. It came in a horrible canvas zip up bag that said cruisefashion. Just a bit odd! I returned the belt immediately and spent the day wondering if I was supposed to buy such an item. Low and behold though, by 12pm the same day I’d purchased one from Selfridges who did not disappoint.


The item arrived next day and was beautifully packaged with care. Bravo Selfridges.



^^^ Apologies for he muddy shoes- at least it shoes you how much I’ve worn them! ^^^

Have you bought yourself an items to utterly spoil yourself? If so what was it? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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