We’ve all been there… felt that burn… the soreness that knows no mercy… that is chaffing. Ever since I can remember I’ve had an issue with chaffing. My thunder thighs have rubbed together like you imagine you’d do when desperately trying to light a fire in the woods. Yes that tragic. The burning is the most horrible pain and once it’s chaffed it takes weeks to repair. Add humidity to the whole mix and you’re in for a disaster. Yes, if there’s on thing I hate it’s chafe.

For years I have cut leggings into shorts to make a remedy. Only to find they roll up at the bottom, become very holey (from the friction) and cause a very visible line underneath your skirts/dresses. I tried cutting tights but found this rolled up to be rather visible like a huge knicker line and did no good for my sore inner thighs. When GG suggested I try Chaffree I thought why not? Perhaps I could put an end to my most blessed asset’s suffering.


Details of my Chaffree:
Size M/L
Colour: Blossom Pink
Leg length: Long
Stomach Rise: Midi

I wore these for a full day wandering around Leeds and I have to say BLESS THE CHAFFREE GODS! They didn’t roll up once. My legs were left unscathed. I was happy. I AM happy. These are a sure item to be carrying around with me on plenty of city breaks and any situation with skirts/dresses. Let there be no more pain.

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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