The beauty of Denim – Yours Clothing Jeans*

Jeans have always been a struggle for me. I have unusually long quads- so long that in my osteology class we measured them as male measurements. But that’s a different story entirely. I’m big boned y’know?!

I’ve spent years hunting for the right jeans. To find that they’re either too tight, too big, too long, too short- so much so that I’ve begun to feel a little like Goldilocks. Eventually I have find some that are ‘just right’ from Yours Clothing.


I have these Super Stretch Skinny AVA Jeans in both Black and Blue. They’ve basically become my go to jeans when I need something quick to put on to get myself together in a morning. What I like most about them is their ability to stretch but retain shape. I’ve been wearing my blue ones for a month now and I am still managing to avoid the following dreaded eventualities that I’ve experienced with other jeans:

  • Saggy Crotch (I hate this with a passion- I have a belly but come on I don’t need extra room in the crotch)
  • Shrinking- yes this has happened with my ‘stretch’ jeans before!
  • Colour fade – They’ve completely retained colour
  • Holes in the thigh region- all from the rub a dub dub if you have thunder thighs like me.


The second pair of jeans I picked up from Yours Clothing were these Mom Jeans- which have now actually sold out in black! You can still get them in blue here. The material of these is a lot stiffer and there isn’t much give. That being said they’re still extremely comfortable and extremely cool. Best of all, they’re on sale for a tenner. So GO GO GO.

What are your favourite pair of jeans?

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing



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  1. Lets not mention the “jean wiggle” to get them on! I have a problem getting a lot of jeans past my calf muscles so I always have to buy a size up and then I’m flashing my bum to the world! I feel your pain.


  2. Oh I really like the mom jeans, they look like they have a really nice high waist. Also, your hair looks gorgeous! x


  3. Jeans are so awful for fitting! I bought a pair yesterday that fitted like a dream – today, they’re too damn big!

    C x


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