One final pregnancy look

I struggled at times to find clothes to accommodate the levels of comfort required with pregnancy and the want to look stylish. In the final week of my pregnancy I wore an outfit that I felt was perfect for my A/W wardrobe and also extremely comfortable.

At first I wasn’t sure where to share these pictures but I adore the autumn colours so much that I couldn’t not! I hope you enjoy a few outdated snaps and they give you a little inspo for these few cooler months.

Coat: Topshop (old)

Jumper: H&M (in store)

Elasticated Trousers: Yours Clothing

Velvet boots: Yours Clothing

Looking back at these pictures I was a little tired and impatient for my little ones arrival. But dressing up, slapping on a bit of makeup and going out for a walk did me a world of good. In the new year I hope to follow this routine on days when I’m feeling a little down.

I mean look at that bump?! It’s hard to believe that I had a little person growing in me for 9 months let alone believe that he is here now.

What are you most looking forward to for the New Year? What are your aspirations?

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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