Winter Warmers: The Accessories Edit with Yours Clothing*

Winter is the absolute best time to accessorise. With scarfs, hats and gloves in every shop you are able to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to every outfit whilst keeping yourself super toasty. With less than a month to Christmas now is the perfect time to spoil yourself whilst picking out presents for your nearest and dearest. So when Yours Clothing asked me to pick some of my favourite items for accessorising in winter I picked items that can be easily added to any clothing.


Jumper: Blue Vanilla from Yours Clothing
Scarf: Yours Clothing
Grey Knitted Gloves: Yours Clothing
Grey Knitted Hat: Yours Clothing


Who doesn’t love a good pair of gloves? Most of the time I’m finding odd gloves in my sock draw from previous years and attempting to pair to keep my hands toasty on a dog walk. This year I’ve got these gorgeous grey knitted ones with a little gemmed detail to totally outshine my plain old black gloves I wear year in year out.



Yours Clothing actually have a matching hat to pair with these. So I do not doubt that these would make a beautiful Christmas gift pair for someone who you would like to help tackle the winter. The hat doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch in it which is great for some but not for others. Hats always fall off my head so I’m a fan of this tightness around the rim and I’m pretty sure it will slacken as time goes on.


The scarf is perhaps my most favourite accessory, and with this monochrome print it will be easy to add to any outfit. In case you’re interested- this is Joe’s favourite accessory from this outfit so it must be good! 

You can see here I was caught on a bit of a blessedly beautiful day. But I assure you it was nippy! I’ve inputted the details of the jumper as I absolutely adore this one I recently picked up and it’s perfect for the winter season!

You’ll have to forgive the little tired face I have in these images, as I type this i’m verging on 39 weeks pregnant and hopefully by the time you read this I will have had my little boy! However, no rest for the wicked and my blogging makes me happy! Especially when it includes some images with good lighting (IN THE WINTER MONTHS?!)

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing


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