Christmas Gift Guide: Yours Clothing Edition*

If you’ve been searching the web hunting for different ideas for Christmas presents you’re not the only one. I look back at some of my favourite Christmas gifts I’ve loved receiving and they’ve actually included clothing items. There’s something lovely about having a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day or during the holiday period that’s been gifted to you. So why not look for inspiration for others? – Added bonus you get to dress people how you’d like ;-). 

As you all know I work with the blogging team for Yours Clothing, so when they tasked us with creating some outfits for our gift receivers I was only too happy to hit their web page and begin picking out clothes.

Firstly, who better than to start with then my fabulous mum? I’ve actually styled my mum in Yours Clothing before and as you can see from clicking she is absolutely fabulous in every way. Like a magpie, she’s attracted to glitter and sequins and all things glam so her outfit had to reflect this:


Sequin Cape TopHeelsBracelet

Secondly, YC HQ asked me to pick an outfit for my Dad. Now he’s another in my family with great taste and his style varies from simplistic jumpers to brightly coloured trousers (it’s a golf thing!)


Jeans; Quilted Jacket

I’d probably initially pick him out the above stellar jeans because he has the LONGEST legs. BadRhino are great at featuring clothing big & tall so those ankles won’t feel the chill.

Thirdly, for those shopping for their other halves – in my case Joe. Christmas is an opportunity to pick out items of clothing I’d actually like to see him. Muhahahha! I’d be very cruel if I didn’t put a touch of sensibility into this though and as Joe is terrible at wrapping up warm his gifts would consist of items to keep him snug and cosy.


Cable Knit Jumper; Scarf; Hat & Gloves

Finally, gift ideas for a younger sibling!

Now I don’t have a little sister. I’m actually the youngest of three- but if I did have one I reckon she’d be super trendy and be more clued up with the must haves of the season than I am. The Limited Collection at Yours Clothing seems to make my job super easy here.


Skirt; Cold Shoulder Jumper; Ankle Boots

What have you been picking out for your family?

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing


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