Cosy in Autumn

This is by far one of my favourite posts to date for images and outfit choice. A massive thank you to Joe for taking them as I’d been feeling a bit in a rut with my blog for one reason or another. With Maternity Leave on the horizon I’m hoping I can relax and enjoy a little blogger time before my little one arrives and work on making it everything I wanted it to be when I started.

The pressure to post consistently of a good standard can be a lot to a blogger and it’s times like these that it’s sometimes better to take a break. Fortunately for me I’d scheduled some posts a few weeks ahead meaning I could take a little breather. I’m back and back with this killer outfit.


Jumper: H&M – in store but similar online here and here 
Maternity Jeans: Bump it Up Yours Clothing
Bag: Gucci 
Hat: Marks & Spencer – in store but similar online here and here
Ankle Boots: Yours Clothing

This H&M Jumper is HOOOgley oversized and is super comfortable for all us gals wanting something cosy to snuggle up with and sip hot chocolates in on these cooler autumn/winter days. I’m a big fan of the colour combo of camel and black so this outfit suits my style to a T. The only slightly new thing for me is the hat, which my momma picked out for me on a rainy afternoon wandering around Beverley.


Thank you to Joe-Bo for the gorgeous Gucci bag that I’ve lusted over for so so long. I simply HAD to insert some close ups for you to behold the wonder that is the soho leather disco bag.

I felt I should post an obligatory picture of the bump as he is getting a little bigger each week and for those nudging me for updates you can view it’s glory! Whilst I’m still adjusting my balance to combat it’s existence I’m beginning to get extremely excited at the thought that in just over a month I will have a little baba here!
Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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  1. Yay, what a beautiful bump! I’m at the stage where if I drop someone, I can’t pick it back up. I’m measuring 3 weeks ahead and feel huge, but like you am so excited to be in the final weeks!

    I adore this outfit. A/W fashion is my favourite, I just feel so much more myself. Although I have major bag envy!


  2. So cosy and can’t believe Baba is only a month away – how exciting!

    C x


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