Yours Clothing Blogger Team Meet!

Last month I met up with the Yours Clothing Blogger team in Sheffield. All of the gorgeous team donned a YC outfit and headed to the Botanist for a meal and a natter about all things fashion.

If you haven’t met the team yet, where have you been?! We’re a bunch of bloggers from different parts of the UK and what’s best is all different shapes and sizes. Each of us has their own blog and unique style meaning an interesting mix of fabrics/patterns when we’re together.


From left to right: Me, Charl (Ginger Girl Says), Laura (What Laura Loves) and Kat (Henry’s Kat) – Photo credit to William the Waiter

We met at the train station and headed along to the Botanist, recommended to us by Em. 




Firstly, the place was beautiful. Like an indoor garden with butterfly houses, vines intertwined around every pillar and floral decorations to contend with any garden centre I’ve been to. It felt like a butterfly’s Christmas. The food and atmosphere were divine, but I’m here to talk about clothes.


Denim Jacket: Yours Clothing*
Top: Yours Clothing*
Trousers: Yours Clothing* 
Rucksack: Yours Clothing*
Shoes: Yours Clothing 
Rings: Yours Clothing*

Credit to Kat for this snap!

For my outfit I wanted to be casual and comfortable along with a shimmy of style. The fit of these trousers is perfect for travelling and I’d actually recommend them for long flights. I hate having anything dig into me (especially now with bump) and these sat comfortably on top without any strain or stress to the fabric. I chose to pair them with a plain white cami and this gorgeous denim jacket and it’s been on my wish list for months. The sizing is slightly difficult with the jacket as it’s sectioned in sizes 16-20, 22-26 and 28-32. So if you’re a 16 like me you may find it comes relatively oversized. To combat this I rolled up the sleeves and bobs your uncle you’ve got a cool relaxed vibe going on.


Photo credit to Charl 
Me and the girls had a great time talking and putting the world to right whilst sipping on a few cocktails (a mocktail for me). We also all tested out my phone’s camera again and Charl took the following snaps of me looking ever so natural.
It was great to meet up with the girls again and see how their Yours Blogging experience is going. You’ll catch us all together at the Curve Fashion Festival in September if you’d like to meet us or even ask us about our style. We will be on the Yours Clothing stand throughout the day for any advise or even a natter.
A big thank you to Yours Clothing for organising the day, sending us our outfits and covering our meal. Not only I go away with a full belly, but a tonne of giggles for the next time we meet.
Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing and the items included were gifted to me for purposes of review.



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