Tiger Embroidery

I’ve been swanning around in this beautiful number from the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing for the past few weeks. Not only have a number of people complimented me on this dress, but they’ve been shocked to hear it’s stocked at Yours Clothing. 

As y’all will know, embroidery (especially the tiger print kind) has become a huge trend this year with special thanks to Gucci. But for those who can’t splerge on the likes of £800 bee embroidered bags there’s an alternative. This little number only cost £33.99. It’s lightweight, flowy and the embroidery is lovely. It’s literally the perfect Little Black Dress for me.

Dress: Limited Collection at Yours Clothing
Sandals: Yours Clothing
Sunglasses: Yours Clothing

I’d like to add here that being extremely smart and chic I’ve worn this both to work and out for meals. On both occasions people have mentioned the beautiful print that contrasts against the black fabric.

I know what you’re thinking… BLACK in summer?! Well I wore this on one of the hottest days of the year and surprisingly didn’t over heat. I’d of course recommend shade and breaks out of the sun if you are feeling a little flustered- but that would go for any outfit.

As it’s a wrap dress it has that delightful tie on the side that you can adjust to suit your needs. I’ve been loosening it slightly as bump is growing. I’d suggest a size bigger if you’re expecting and would like this to last a bit longer (this is a size 18).

The sandals I’ve paired it with are again Yours Clothing and a super duper edition to my summer wardrobe. I’m actually wearing them today with work trousers! They’re spongey and comfortable (just keep them away from the dog as extremely bite-able and irresistible for them!)

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing


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