Hippy Chic

When the sun is as hot as the chafing between your thighs you need to think about your Summer wardrobe. Usually, I avoid long sleeves, keep fabrics light and breezy and opt for lighter colours. However, I picked up this beautiful long sleeved hippy chic dress from the Blue Vanilla Curve range and wore it on one of the hottest days of the year (in England).


Dress: Blue Vanilla Curve 
Sunglasses: Topshop similar here
Earrings: Yours Clothing 

Surprise surprise, I didn’t faint, overheat or get those embarrassing sweat marks under the armpits that we all dread. I say this as someone who’s body is at an even higher temperature and sweating more regularly due to the baby that is growing inside me.


The dress pattern is particularly beautiful, a paisley style print of beautiful blues and a touch of orange. Perfect for those bohemian nights. I only have one little thing to winge about which is the size of the top half. It seems a little out of proportion to me (much larger) but this was easily solved by tying the belt tighter. I assure you there was no flashing of any kind during the day (Girl Guide’s honour).

The beautiful thing about this dress which I’m voting makes it super mum-to-be friendly is the wrap style. There is plenty of fabric spare allowing me to grow and continue to wear this dress. All whilst being able to control my comfort levels through the knot of the belt.


I paired it with these oh so bohemian shades and earrings which I felt went with the look I was going for. I braided my hair because 1) I’m English and can’t stand the feel of hair on my neck in the heat 2) They look super cute and 3) my hair needed washing so this was the lazy way to make it look clean.


Excuse my mums peg bag- this is what you get for photographing in her garden! 

The length of the dress is laaavely on me- as a taller lass I was super pleased to not find it around my mid calves or draping along the floor.

I’m still hunting for a few more pieces like this for my holiday wardrobe. If you spot any kaftans/beautiful floaty items I can waddle around it (also pregnancy friendly) then it would be super duper if you could leave me a link below. I really do appreciate the effort!

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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  1. Violet, you make the chicest hippy ever … you beauty x

    C x


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