Staple Holiday Wardrobe*

With my holiday to Italy now less than 90 days away I’m already piecing together the perfect wardrobe. Add the mix my newly growing bump and I have a LOT to think about. With weather conditions set to be spicily hot (I’m visiting Tuscany in Italy btw) I’m looking for those perfect floaty, comfortable items I can wear to grace the presence of many an olive farm or vineyard- side note- I won’t be drinking don’t worry. 

The first item of clothing I always search for in my holiday wardrobe is good swimwear. Whether you prefer to be covered in a full one piece or a bikini it’s the item of clothing that makes me feel all bright and sunny inside. I recently picked up this  tankini top and high waist briefs set from Yours Clothing for all the swimming I’ve been taking up.

tankini 1

tankini 2

I cannot stress how comfortable and beautiful this set is. I’ve worn it swimming every week since purchased and the compliments are lovely. Sometimes the top will fly up a bit if someone swims past you doing butterfly but total modesty is preserved by the gorgeous fit of the high waist brief. The top falls just perfectly and for any mums to be I’d suggest picking this up. I’ve plenty of space to grow in this and feel comfortable and confident.

tankini 3

Another beautiful summery shimmery wonder I’ve picked up are these Yours Clothing sandals. Not only are they a steal for £15, but they’re comfortable and colourful. I’ll be sure to pair these with my tankini whilst lounging by the pool.

Finally, are you really on holiday unless you’re donning the sunglasses?

tankini 4

These  beauties are only £8 and serve the fierce cat eye look I envy on most other gals I see around the pool on holiday. They ooze sophistication and class- yet cost you less than a tenner.

What’s your staple holiday wardrobe? I’m currently on the look out for kaftans, especially colourful ones so if you see any… HIT ME UP!

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing


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  1. I LOVE the look of that tankini, it’s so cute and it looks really comfy. – Amy


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