Denim Embroidery

For those who follow me on my social channels, you’ll know I’ve been gushing over Yours Clothing’s Denim Embroidered shirt. So when it became available to buy after being on the ‘coming soon’ for a little too long in my opinion, it was in my basket and on it’s way to me. I figured I could pair it easily with leggings and due to the look of the fit it looked comfortable and breathable material.

Denim Shirt: Yours Clothing
Black Leggings: F&F Tesco
Black Suede (Dirty) Chelsea Boots: F&F Tesco (old) similar here
Sunglasses: Topshop

I’m happy to report that the shirt was indeed a lovely length for a taller gal (it just covered my bottom). For £29 the shirt is a steal. The material is a lighter and a lovely soft denim making it super breathable for these warmer months.

The embroidery is STUNNING. We all know I’m a big fan of this on trend motive at the moment as seen in my other post so I am pleased to be adding to this growing part of my wardrobe. The embroidery itself is beautiful blush pink and green which I think is currently matching the blossom on the trees down my street… AND THIS MAKES ME HAPPY.

I wore the shirt out in London where I picked up these delicious sunglasses to go with it. Due to the fact I have a MASSIVE head, I always struggle to find sunglasses. I just think the cool round ones make me face look out of proportion or I get the dreaded ‘above ear’ ache from the arms being too tight (I am such a moaner). So when I found these in Oxford Street Topshop I had to have them. The square ish over size frame is absolutely what I’ve been looking for and I’m so pleased to have picked them up.

What are your Embroidery pieces this year?

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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*This post is written as part of my contract with Yours Clothing



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  1. Oh that is really cute – I love it!

    C x


  2. Love this top, the whole embroidery trend is so cute. – Amy


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