I’ve got a Crush on Plush

Have you spotted all the pale pastel colours in shops recently? How about the camel? It’s no coincidence that shops have been investing in these colours since Kanye West’s Spring collection 2016. I know what you’re thinking, no Violet it’s not all down to Kanye (though I’m totally giving him credit). Khaki’s and pastel colours have made a hellova come back and I am so happy about it. They reconvene into our wardrobes every spring. What made me even happier is that the relaxed, comfortable fit of these styles compliments these colours perfectly. Take this zara dress for example. I am No Shrinking Violet


Plush Dress with flared sleeves: Zara similar here and here (and in plus)
Skinny Black Jeans: Primark (and £7 may I add?)
Chelsea suede boots: Tesco (old) similar here

Whilst this dress acts more to me like a Top due to my height, I’m completely in love with the style and fit. It’s a Size L (purely because they didn’t stock this in XL) and a little more snug to what I’m usually wearing. I still feel the style is slightly oversized and comfortable. It’s not a neck line or even style you’d usually find me in but I feel like I’ve been converted.

It features these beautiful sleeves which if you know me in person, you’ll be aware I haven’t shut up about them since their Renaissance. They have an elastic like cuff that helps the dress sit just right and keeps your wrists toasty. If that’s not a USP I don’t know what is.

As you can see I’ve paired this with some simple black jeans, but you could easily swap those for leggings or trousers. Same with the shoes, as spring looms I’ll be trading the boots for ballet pumps! I am No Shrinking Violet

Violet x

I am No Shrinking Violet

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  1. Loving the sleeves on this … I bought a similar colour top with flared sleeves from River Island this week and cannot wait to wear it out!

    C xx


  2. Love the belled sleeves of this top!
    I just followed you to not miss a thing:)
    Have a great week!
    Love from https://tbymallano.com/


  3. I love camel and blush pinks! I love those ruffle sleeves, I’ve seen these popping up and love them!

    http://amyevans.blog – Amy


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