Silver Snake Chain from Yours

Hello my lovely readers! I’m back again with another post (mainly about a beautiful necklace) gifted to me from Yours Clothing. If you didn’t catch my last post which featured some of their AMAZING earrings, where have you been? Check it out here. No Shrinking Violet

Now anyone who reads my blog or indeed who knows me is well aware I am not the best at accessorising. Other than my wedding and engagement ring, and perhaps my watch, I rarely step out into the big bright world of accessories. Purely because I always feel a little lost as to what goes with what! Fortunately, Yours were kind enough to help me in this predicament and sent me a few pieces. I’ll tell you all I’ve learned from these but first some pics:


This silver snake chain & bead twisted necklace is a must have for anyone with a fairly monochrome wardrobe. It honestly goes beautifully with black and the sparkles in it give it a little added class.  Another thing I’d like to note is the sheer strength of this necklace. That may sound daft, but one of the reasons I stopped wearing jewellery so much is because they used to snap or the clasp would break fairly quickly (maybe I’m just aggressive). However, not with this, it looks strong and it feels it. This isn’t tat! For £10 I’d also say it’s pretty reasonably priced as you’ll be able to keep this in your jewellery circulation for years. No Shrinking Violet

Truly top notch jewellery Yours, bravo.



**Photo credit to Kat!

Coat: Debenhams (old)
Black Leggings: Yours clothing
Necklace*: Yours Clothing
Burgundy shoes: Dorothy Perkins (old)

So all in all, I realised you can accessorise whatever you like with whatever you want, because really isn’t that fashion?

I have a beautiful post coming up soon featuring a dress that once I saw Kat in it, I literally dragged her to the shop to show me.. and of course purchase. This girl has killer style and if she’s wearing it, I want it. You can see her post to give you a sneak peak of what it looks like here.

Violet xxx

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*denotes items gifted for review

No Shrinking Violet


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  1. Looking beautiful as ever!! Damn gurrrrl!

    X x


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