Fires & Candles & Pumpkins, oh my!

Following the recent expansion of my blog I’ve found there are so many things I’d like to post on. Travel, History, Home, Food, the list is endless. I thought I’d start with the two things I really would love to write about, Travel & Home inspo. Mr G & I, bought our house last year and I’ve been continuously doing it up with decorating and designing ourselves (avid DIY’ers). Although he is more handy with a saw than me, I’m a little sharper in the eye when it comes to decorating.

We knocked out our old fire place last year and put in this cute little area to cosy up next to. The letters are from Matalan and I believe they still have these in stock (now in even more colours).


The wicker log holder is from TK Maxx and I fell it love with it (so did our dog Oscar who continuously chews it!)


I really pride myself on making our home a warm, relaxed environment as me and Joe both have pretty stressful jobs so I do get a little obsessed with candles and themed decor. This time obviously being Pumpkins and Squash with Halloween coming up. I picked these cuties up in Lidl for 98p each, a small amount to part with for the immense feeling of happiness I get from looking at them.


Autumn is a time for cosying up, but not before taking my cutie Oscar out for a walk, he’s a handsome boy who loves to pose in front of the Autumn leaves (copy cat).

Violet xx


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