City Style- Verona

We all know I love a good city break, but after our wedding in Lake Garda where was I to pick? There was Venice, Milan and Verona all a train journey away! We decided to go to Verona and do that corny thing tourists do and put a padlock on Juliet’s balcony cause, you know, you have to. No Shrinking Violet 


Every city has it’s nooks and cranny’s, it’s little alleys and it’s spectacular open squares. Verona was no different. Every corner was a photo opportunity, from the graffiti’d love wall to the amazing Arena di Verona. I needed to make sure I was cool, comfortable and of course, chic.


The main dilemma for me on city breaks is one that is becoming less embarassing to talk about as I notice more solutions appearing in shops… CHAFING! Most of the time, I sneak a pair of shorts under my dress, but sometimes you just don’t want the layers. I found these beautiful cream slack trousers in Zara before the holiday and I was sold for £25.99.I found a white chiffon material top in River Island in the sale for £8 and paired it to make a little of an archaeological look.No Shrinking Violet 


You must excuse the messy bun, in my outfit planning I hadn’t considered the overwhelming heat from my hair and had to pull together a top bun with three hair pins found in the bottom of my bag!

I know unfortunately Zara aren’t friendly to all sizes- these are XL and normally I struggle to fit anything in there, so ASOS Curve have a solution for us curvier folks if you like the trend and they’re only £24.50….as for the vest, most stores stock some sort of white vest like this nowadays, I must have found four in New Look and Tesco- they’re part of my work wardrobe now.

Ciao for now,

Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 




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