Sea Breeze

Hello again! Did I mention I’d just got back from my wedding/honeymoon? We was really lucky and went to Italy for my wedding then Miami and the Western Caribbean for our honeymoon. Of course, with every cruise, you have elegant nights and casual nights and this meant I could choose some lovely outfits for our evening meals.No Shrinking Violet 

I’d taken a few dresses with me, but in Miami I’d obviously hit Marshalls and Ross (the best shops ever if you haven’t been- TK Maxx but BETTER) and they are a goldmine for any ladies of most shapes and sizes. I swear most people would find an outfit to suit their body shape in these stores- their sizes ranged from small to 5 XL. This was of course noted in American sizes as 2,6,8,10, 12, 14, 16, etc etc and it confused me as I didn’t really know what size I was, so I just picked things and went with whatever looked good.No Shrinking Violet 

I found this beautiful ‘New Look’ (not the shop I’m familiar with) for about $12 on one of my first days in Miami. Firstly, I LOVE the print, but mostly I loved the shape and length. It was almost like a swing dress but sat a little kinder on the shoulders. I paired it with some suede heels I’d picked up in Ross for $15.



No Shrinking Violet 

I am of course aware, that all of you cannot get yourself to Ross or Marshalls so here are three lookalike dresses from other online retailers/shops. I know they’re a little different in colours/dress but hey, I can’t work miracles ;-).



Navabi’s Paisley Print Dress £69.99 sizes 16-22


Simply Be’s Paisley Print Trapeze Maxi Dress £28 sizes 10-32 (a steal!)

Finally, one with a similar shape…


This beauty is  Dorothy Perkins’ Mela White Paisley Print Maxi Dress and is currently on sale for £15 sizes 8-16 

Why not pick one up in the sales in time for next years hols? You can then pose like me on a balcony!

Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 


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