Feelin’ like Velma Dinkley

Some days I outdo myself, I create outfits I’m so happy with and feel completely confident in struttin’ my stuff. Other days, I get dressed in the dark and come out with something like this: No Shrinking Violet 


Okay it’s not that bad, some would say it’s Geek Chic. I’ll go with that, it makes me feel better. I bought this WONDERFUL mustard coloured jumper last autumn from Primark- I believe it cost me a total of 10 English pounds. Money well spent I say sir, I have worn it so many times the thread is loosening on the seams (top quality that).

The skirt is from New Look similar here  and unfortunately this item was not worn enough throughout the winter months, so it’s creeped into my Summer wardrobe as the British summer weather is being temperamental.

No Shrinking Violet 

If you’d like to create a ‘Geek Chic’ outfit like this, look no further :

New Look £7.png



Violet xx

No Shrinking Violet 



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