Top to Toe in Primark for Summer

Now this isn’t my most colourful outfit, but it was incredibly cool in the heat that blessed us Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.


Top: Primark £6

Skirt: Primark: £7

Shoes: Primark £8

The top I absolutely love, but it fits beautifully (size 16) and would look great with some black skinny jeans. I paired it with a skirt for a change as (dodgy as it sounds) when sat in the garden with the few rays of sun we get it’s a delight to pull up your skirt a little to expose your milky legs for the sun.


Now I stupidly didn’t get any good pictures of the shoes, but I love the gladiatorial style that always reappears every summer. Any of my friends know that anything close to Roman history (Art wise or clothing) excites me incredibly. I’d wear a toga all week if I could.

I’m not usually a big lover of Primark, but for my Summer clothes I really like it. I generally pop in for some pieces for holidays as they’re generally thinner material and usually have some fun patterns.

I’m still on the hunt for a jumpsuit so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Violet xx


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