Lovedrobe Bargain Alert

Last Year I visited the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester and was delighted to see Lovedrobe had a stand with their beautiful clothing. I picked up this Sleeveless Jacket, and wore it throughout winter but I noticed today it hasn’t been showcased for a while! So I thought it perfect for my wardrobe for work on this summery day.


I’ve paired it with a simple Yours Clothing black t-shirt and black leggings (Next) with ballet pumps, but as this may be deemed a lot of darkness for summer this sleeveless jacket is the perfect addition to lighten up the outfit. Made of 100% Polyester it is light and durable for summer months as well as suitable for a polo thick jumper in the cooler part of the year.

Excuse the cat climbing around!

They currently have a beautiful white similar piece to this for the absolute bargain of £8 see here. Although different material, I reckon this white chiffon piece will be my next purchase to wear over a bikini/swimsuit in summer.

That’s not all, if you wander over to Lovedrobes website you will be met with refreshingly beautiful pieces of clothing. I especially love their sweet Crochet Top and this gorgeous shift dress which can be seem in more detail over on Em’s blog. I think she looks stunning in it, don’t you?

In the mean time, I’m searching for a perfect jumpsuit for summer and if you have any suggestions comment below!

Violet xxx



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