Summer Breezy Days

Today is one of those days I absolutely love. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not bright and sunny. Although I do love the sun and the wardrobe that comes with it, an autumn harkback is most welcome to me as an excuse to pull out one of my favourite jumpers and leggings combo.I also feel Saturday’s are yes traditionally a day to let your hair down, but sometimes a messy up do is just what you need!



Jumper found about a week ago in New Look for £10 is an absolute bargain- it’s a size L but would fit anyone from a size 12 (looking for an oversized look) up to a size 20. I couldn’t find this on the New Look website but boohoo plus have released a similar like this for £15. I’m a size 14/16 and this is how it sits on me. I’ve paired it with some thick leggings picked up in Next a few years ago (yes they’ve lasted me that long). They’re quite thick and high waisted which I like as I prefer everything to be ‘tucked in’. Luckily for us, Yours clothing do a very similar pair to cater for more sizes than Next see here.


One of my favourite accessories for any outfit is a good bag, and I really love rucksacks. They’re quite on trend this season so you will find most companies selling them or at least something similar. I got this in New Look, but I’d recommend looking on ASOS as they have over 300 styles.

Finally my little booties were much harder to get a picture of as I had no assistant today (must by stand!) but were purchased in Tesco for £15 (a steal!) I don’t tend to wear too many accessories in terms of jewellery as I tend to get tangled up in them, but here is a picture of my dog trying to be my accessory for the day.


Super stylish Schnauzer- only recommended if you have lots of energy and love!

That’s all for now, I’m going out to pick up a dress I ordered from Yours clothing for work! Will do a post on as soon as I find the right networking event to wear it to.


Violet xxx


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  1. Great outfit, I especially love the backpack, I’m a huge fan myself. 🙂

    //Timi from

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